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Koornmarktspoort gate

At a beautiful location between the IJssel and the old city centre of Kampen, you will find the Koornmarktspoort. This oldest city gate of Kampen dates back to the 14th century and currently functions as exhibition space.


Broederpoort gate

At the end of the Broederweg and bordering the city park stands the beautiful Broederpoort (Brother gate), one of three remaining city gates of Kampen. Just like the Cellebroederspoort gate, the Broederpoort was built in 1465 as part of the earthen wall that protected the city when the city expanded landward.

Today, the Broederpoort is an exhibition space as well as a romantic wedding location in the municipality of Kampen.

Cellebroederspoort gate

During the urban expansion in 1465, Kampen built the Cellebroederspoort to replace the Geert van der Aapoort at the end of the Geerstraat. Since the extension of the Geerstraat was then called Horstweg, the gate was renamed to Horstpoort or Sint Nicolaaspoort.

Opening hours:

Tuesdays through Saturdays 11.00-17.00 o’clock
Sundays 13.00 - 17.00 o’clock

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