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Special buildings

Special buildings

During its construction around 1500, it will have made a great impression on the citizens of the city of Kampen, not to mention on foreign visitors: the beautiful Gothic House at Oudestraat 158.

Bovenkerk church

Churches and Towers

The Bovenkerk church or St. Nicolaas church is the oldest church in Kampen, as well as the most striking feature along the IJssel landscape. This large, gothic cross-basilica was built in the 14th century. The impressive Bovenkerk church has a steeple with clocks cast by clock caster Geert van Wou, in 1481/1482. 

historic gate in kampen


At a beautiful location between the IJssel and the old city centre of Kampen, you will find the Koornmarktspoort. This oldest city gate of Kampen dates back to the 14th century and currently functions as exhibition space.

City Wall Kampen

The City Wall

A thriving Hanseatic city like Kampen needed protection. That is why the city was hermetically sealed by a wall with gates and towers up until the 19th century. A masterpiece from the 14th-century wall masons.

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