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The Gothic House

During its construction around 1500, it will have made a great impression on the citizens of the city of Kampen, not to mention on foreign visitors: the beautiful Gothic House at Oudestraat 158.

The Gothic House was built at the end of the Middle Ages as a merchant’s or patrician’s home.


Linneweeverspoort gate

This picturesque yellow gate in the Groenestraat struts the words ‘Linne Weevers Gilde 1665’ (‘Linen Weaver’s Guild 1665’). Today, the Linneweeverspoort provides access to the library of the Theological University Kampen, but once the Celle sisters of the Sint Anna convent walked this road.


Wall advertisements

Around 1900, tradespeople invented a new way of advertising in the shape of wall paintings. These wall advertisements had major consequences for the urban image, as they appeared on many buildings. A walking tour along the frescoes of the tradespeople of Kampen is available at the Tourist Info Point in the Stadskazerne (Oudestraat 116). 

The Old Town Hall


During the Middle Ages, this was where the city council announced its decrees to the population. It was also where criminals were shown to the people. The Town Hall Complex was in use as town hall of Kampen until 2001.

Today, this building is the contemporary accommodation for the City Museum.


The City Bridge

The City Bridge of Kampen by night is a magical scene. Lift towers referring to the towers downtown, a generously wide road as entrance to the city and the illuminated and gilded counterweight wheels: this is a city bridge with flair!


Mill d'Olde Zwarver

This proud, octagonal stage mill at the IJssel dike has a beautiful, somewhat mysterious history. The story of d’Olde Zwarver starts in 1842, along the IJssel. Come visit the mill and discover the story!


The City Barracks

The Stadskazerne (City Barracks) is the collective name of the Library of Kampen, the City Archive of Kampen, television channel RTV IJsselmond, and the City Archaeologist and the Historical Society Jan van Arkel. You will find the Stadskazerne in the middle of the city centre of Kampen. It is an impressive building that used to be home to the soldiers stationed in the Van Heutsz barracks. Drink a cup of coffee/tea in café Paatje and enjoy the breath-taking view over the IJssel. That one’s on the house!

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